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IT/DevOps Engineer and Wait Wait Stats Person (he/him)

Hello! 👋🏻


My name is Linh Pham and I am an IT/DevOps Engineer and the person who runs the Stats Page for NPR's "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" news quiz show.


I have worked in both IT and Dev worlds. On the IT side, I have designed and managed compute, storage, virtualization, and public and private cloud infrastructure. In the past few years, I've moved over to the Dev world as a DevOps engineer; where, I build and manage CI/CD pipelines for automated application configuration and deployment and help teams with adhering to regulatory and process requirements.

The operating systems that I currently work with include Windows, Linux (primarily Debian-based distributions), macOS and FreeBSD. I have also managed and developed applicatons for Solaris and AIX.


When I do have a chance to do some development, Python is my language of choice. I have also developed and maintained code written in C# and PHP. Swift and Go are on my list of languages that I would love to learn.

Projects and Hobbies ⌨️

During my spare time, I have started up and continue to work on a number of personal projects and taken up a hobby or two.

Wait Wait Stats Page 📝

I have collected scoring data, panelist and guest appearances across the history of the NPR weekly news quiz show, "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!", and publish a record of each show and provide panelist statistics as part of the Stats Page.

The site is written in Python and uses the Flask lightweight web application framework.

Marsupial Gurgle 🔊

Since 2015, I have been listening to, collecting, editing and archiving audio clips from the podcast "TBTL: Too Beautiful to Live". The site is named after an audio phenomenon that happened on the podcast back in 2014.

Wait Wait Stats API 🔎

As I got more requests for data from the Wait Wait Stats database, I created an API service that allows people interested in the data to get host, guest, panelist, scorekeeper and show data. The API is built using Python and FastAPI.

Wait Wait Reports 📄

The Reports site provides detailed reports and search features that provide information that goes beyond what is available on the Wait Wait Stats Page. The site is built using Python and Flask.

Wait Wait Graphs 📊

The Graphs site has interactive charts that graph panelist scoring and appearance, Bluff the Listener and show data. The site is built using Python and Flask, along with the Plotly.js charting library.

Photography 📷

Over the years, I have spent a fair amount of time behind the camera, taking photos at track days and other club events for the local chapter of the Audi Club, local car meets and events, and TBTL live events. I have also taken photos in and around Portland, Oregon; as well as, photos for previous social media ventures.

I have shot with various Nikon (D300, D500, D800E), Leica (M6 TTL and M9) and Sony (RX100) cameras.

Connect 💬

Feel free to connect with me on the socials or via e-mail: